Solitrend MMP40 – Moisture measurement in conductive media

Guided radar solution for continuous inline moisture measurement ©Endress+Hauser

For continuous and batch processes in conductive bulk solids and slurries

Our guided radar moisture sensor offers a unique wear performance and durable technology with a minimized need for recalibration and process costs through providing information on moisture content at any time. Increase your product quality and reduce energy efforts due to reliable moisture measurement.

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  • Преимущества

    • Easy commissioning in challenging processes

    • Deep material permeation (35 mm)

    • Wide moisture range from 0-100 % possible 

    • Variant mounting accessories

    • Integrated transmitter for simple plant integration

  • Область применения

    • For moisture measurement in bulk solids with density from 1...3 g / cm³ like fresh concrete, sewage sludge, slurries and other conductive materials

Характеристики и спецификации



  • Принцип измерения

    Guided radar

  • Применение

    Moisture measurement in heterogeneous bulk solids with the density from 1...3 g/ cm³ like fresh concrete, sewage sludge, slurries and other conductive materials

  • Метод измерения

    Contact inline measurement

  • Диапазон измерения

    Recommended moisture range %/ vol.: 0...100 %

  • Material permeation depth

    Up to 35 mm

    (0.11 ft)

  • Консистенция проб


    0 ...20 мСм/см

  • Датчик температуры


  • Рабочая температура



  • Точность

    Up to +/-0.1 % abs.

  • Выходной сигнал

    0...20 мA

    4...20 мA

  • Опция

    Remote display

    Sensor cables

    Baffle plate

    Universal holder

    Sliding carriage

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