Digital pH sensor
Memosens CPL51E

Digital pH sensor Memosens CPL51E ©Endress+Hauser
Liquiline Mobile CML18 with a pH sensor Memosens CPL51E ©Endress+Hauser

Memosens pH electrode for standard applications in laboratories and in the field

With its robust plastic shaft, the glass membrane protection and metal free connection, Memosens CPL51E can be used for grab sample analysis directly in the field or in the laboratory. The sensor comes pre-calibrated and is directly ready for use. Ideally to be used in combination with the mobile handheld Liquiline Mobile CML18 without any additional settings.

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  • Преимущества

    • The inductive Memosens sensor connection is insensitive to moisture and corrosion.

    • Suitable for use in the laboratory or in the field to check your running process. A physical protection keeps the glass membrane safe in both environments.

    • Automatic...

  • Область применения

    Memosens CPL51E is suited for the following applications in drinking water, wastewater and process water:

    • Check of on-line measuring loops

    • Analysis of grab samples (on-site as well as in the laboratory)

    • pH measurement at process points where no...

Характеристики и спецификации



  • Принцип измерения

    Стеклянный электрод

  • Применение

    Grab sample measurement in laboratory and for portable use in the field
    Specially designed for water, wastewater, utility water and process water

  • Характеристики

    Digital Memosens pH sensor for standard use in laboratories and for portable use in the field
    Open hole non-clogging junction for fast and reliable measurement

  • Диапазон измерения

    pH 0 to 14 (1 to 12 application range)

  • Материал

    Glass and polymer

  • Габаритные размеры

    Диаметр: 12 мм (0,47 дюйма)
    Длина вала: 120 мм (4,72 дюйма)

  • Рабочая температура

    -5 ... 80 °C

  • Рабочее давление

    1 бар, не предназначен для измерений в процессе

  • Датчик температуры

    NTC 30kΩ

  • Подключение

    Inductive, digital Connection head with Memosens technology

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