Digital non-glass pH sensor Memosens CPS47D

Memosens CPS47D –  Digital non-glass pH sensor with refillable liquid KCl electrolyte ©Endress+Hauser

Memosens CPS47D pH sensor with KCl liquid electrolyte filled reference, ceramic diaphragm and KCl refill nozzle

The pH-value of a liquid can be calculated using the potentiometric measurement principle. This video shows what it is about and how this measuring principle works.

Memosens converts the measured value to a digital signal and transfers it to the transmitter without a contacting connection. This video shows how Memosens optimizes process control and maintenance.

Memosens ISFET electrode for the chemical, life sciences and food industries

Memosens CPS47D is the digital high performer with liquid KCl reference for media with low conductivity or high organic solvents content. Designed for fast response, it measures accurately even in applications with fast-changing media. Its unbreakable shaft ensures best product safety. In addition, the Memosens digital technology combines maximum process and data integrity with simple handling. It resists corrosion and moisture, enables lab calibration and facilitates predictive maintenance.

  • Преимущества

    • Unbreakable for highest product safety

    • Resistant to poisoning thanks to constant refilling of KCl bridge electrolyte and separate reference lead

    • Suitable for sterilization with hot steam

    • Low maintenance thanks to long calibration intervals

    • Maximum...

  • Область применения

    Media with a high amount of organic solvents or very low conductivities:

    • Chemical industry, measurement of media prone to clogging
    • Power plants, e.g. boiler feed water
    • Life sciences, e.g. water for injection

    With all relevant approvals for...

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